Why Pet Insurance ?

The Most Comprehensive Plan
The Easiest to Understand

What’s Covered?

Animalia provides your pet
with a head-to-tail coverage.

We’ll cover your vet bills following injuries and illnesses - including diagnostics,
procedures and treatments required as a result.

One Simple Plan.

Included in Your Plan.
No Extra Charge.

Here’s How It Works

Pets play, we pay.
It’s that simple.

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    Visit Any Vet You Like

    Including any Specialist or Animal Hospital.

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    Submit Your Claim Online

    Just send the receipt and you’re done.
    Via our website, Ezra (our claims bot), an email or even use a carrier pigeon ☺

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    Get Paid Back. Fast.

    No hidden fees, no surprises.


Amounts are based on the average treatment costs ¹


Breakdown Of Claims*

  • 23.1%
  • 27%
    Miscellaneous treatments
  • 12.1%
  • 11.9%
    Digestive system
  • 11.9%
  • 8.7%
  • 3.9%
  • 1.6%
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Good to Know

  • Why Pet Insurance and Not a Savings Account?

    Certainly, both options have their sets of benefits and drawbacks, but which option truly is the best for you and your pet? In theory, putting a little away each month in anticipation of future Vet bills sounds quite logical. But what if your “future” Vet bill comes next week, or even a month from now? Will your savings account hold enough to cover it? Let’s be honest with each other. If you’re the person who struggles to save for a fun vacation (like most of us) let alone to save for un-fun Veterinary bills, pet insurance is probably the best option for you.

  • What’s Covered?

    Different plans have different coverages.

    We at Animalia believe in one simple and comprehensive plan, where extras are already included.

    That means we’ll cover your vet bills following injuries, accidents and illnesses, including diagnostics, procedures and treatments required. But that’s not all. We’ll also cover comprehensive dental care, exam fees, behavioral and alternative treatments and even prescription food and dietary supplements.

    Head-to-tail. It’s that simple.

  • Can I Visit Any Vet?

    Sure! We trust the Vet you trust so just choose the one you and your pet like and feel most comfortable with (as long as they’re licensed to provide Veterinary care in the state they operate in). This applies to any licensed Specialist or Emergency Clinic too.

  • What Are Pre-Existing Conditions and Are They Covered?

    A pre-existing condition refers to any injury, illness, or irregularity noticed by you or your Vet before the end of your waiting period. Most pet insurance companies won’t cover them. Luckily, Animalia will cover those conditions that can be cured and are free of symptoms and treatments for 12 months.

  • What if I Want to Cancel My Pet Insurance Policy?

    You can do it any time by notifying us in writing. No hard feelings. You may even be entitled to a relative premium refund.

  • Do You Need My Pet's Medical records?

    Your pet’s medical history will allow us to get to know him better and determine which conditions, if any, are considered pre-existing. When purchasing our policy, you allow us to communicate with your Vet on your behalf and obtain that information. This will also help speed things up when reviewing your pet insurance claim.

  • What if I Need an Emergency Treatment?

    The first thing you should do in case of an emergency is go to any Vet or Emergency Clinic to save your pet’s life. That’s the most important thing and you don’t need permission or a referral from us. Once it’s all over and your pet is back on his feet, simply contact Animalia pet insurance and file your claim.

Have more unanswered questions? Email us