What’s Covered?

Animalia covers your vet bills following injuries, accidents and illnesses, including diagnostics, procedures and treatments required.

Head-to-tail. It’s that simple.
How simple? Check out our coverage below.

Animalia offers the most comprehensive
coverage out there

  • accidents-and-injuries

    Accidents & Injuries

    A torn ligament or a foreign body ingestion.
    we’ll cover it , from diagnosis through rehabilitation.

  • illnesses


    Cancer, arthritis or ear infections.
    We’ll cover your Vet’s recommendations.

  • hereditary-conditions

    Hereditary & Cogenital Conditions

    Breed-specific conditions are covered too.
    Symptoms after enrollment? Yep…we do.

  • сhronic-сonditions

    Chronic Conditions

    Diabetes, Kidney disease or Cancer…
    It’s a tough daily battle and we’ll make you feel better.

That Means...
Diagnostics, procedures and treatments following illnesses and accidents

  • lab-work

    Lab Work

    Blood tests, Chemistry, Urinalysis or stool.
    We’ve got you covered. Isn’t that cool?

  • imaging-scans

    Imaging Scans

    The Vet is having some doubts?
    X-ray, CT, MRI or Ultrasound. It all counts.

  • exam-fees

    Vet Visits & Exam Fees

    Consultation fees after surgery?
    No worries. Just send us the bill.

  • hospitalization


    Overnight stay is around $600 a day.
    Animalia will take your worries away.

  • surgery


    Surgery is needed? Don’t think twice.
    Bladder stones or Bloth...Don’t worry about the price.

  • emergency-treatments

    Emergency Treatments

    Stomach Perforation due to a swollen bone?
    No need to take a loan.

  • specialist-medicine


    Consultation before an invasive procedure?
    Choose the best specialist for your Retriever.

  • сancer-treatments

    Cancer Treatments

    With 1 in 4 pets diagnosed with Cancer,
    Advanced treatments are the only answer.

  • tele-vet-services

    Tele Vet Services

    Phone, email, video or text.
    Whatever works out for you and your Vet.

  • outpatient

    Outpatient Care

    Medical care with no overnight stay?
    Outpatient services. We’ll pay.

  • prescription-meds

    Prescription Meds

    Medications for one time or ongoing care?
    Antibiotics, insulin or eye drops… they’re all in there.

That also means these add-ons:

  • сomprehensive-dental-care

    Comprehensive Dental Care

    It isn’t just about some funky breath,
    but any oral accidents and illnesses affecting their health.

  • behavioral-therapy

    Behavioral Therapy

    Aggressiveness towards other dogs they see?
    A behaviorist can help. We’ll handle the fees.

  • alternative-therapy

    Alternative Treatments

    You may be surprised but this is for real.
    Acupuncture and Chiropractic care are part of the deal.

  • prescription-food

    Prescription Food &
    Dietary Supplements

    In need of a special diet?
    Just give your mind some peace and quiet.

We Mean Exactly What We Say:

Unexpected? Covered!

Your pet’s health is unpredictable.
Your pet’s insurance shouldn’t be.


Since its establishment, Animalia supported pets and their owners
by providing reimbursement for thousands of varied medical conditions, including:

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What’s Not Covered?

We think it’s important to show you what’s covered.
And what’s not. *
  • precondition

    Pre-existing medical conditions

    We won’t cover pre-existing illnesses of your pup. So, sign up before problems pile up.

  • cosmetics

    Cosmetic procedures

    Tail docking or wrinkle removal? We’ll cover only what's medically crucial.

  • routine-and-preventive-care

    Routine and preventive care

    Procedures like checkups, vaccinations, Parasite prevention and grooming aren’t covered.

  • castration

    Spaying and Neutering

    Unexpected conditions are what we do. These procedures? They’re both on you.

  • ongoing

    Conditions which are not the result of an accident or illness

    We're here for the unexpected, remember? Not for something you could’ve expected way back in September.

* Subject to terms and conditions of the policy