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What’s Covered?

The short of it: a hell of a lot

With Animalia, there’s no such thing as basic coverage. Our all-in-one coverage is the crème de la crème; the pick of the litter. We only offer premium coverage because that’s what real pets need.

One simple plan. Head-to-tail coverage

Did any of these happen?

Don't fret, they're covered!

  • accidents-and-injuries

    Accidents & Injuries

    Whether a torn ligament or foreign body ingestion. We’ll cover it, From diagnosis to rehab, it's all covered.

  • hereditary-conditions

    Hereditary conditions

    Breed- specific conditions such as heart disease, hip dysplasia, and all those inherited conditions that don’t show up until later in your pet’s life are covered.

  • illnesses


    Ear infections, arthritis, or digestive problems. We’ll cover whatever your vet recommends.

  • chronic-conditions-alt

    Chronic conditions

    Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or kidney disease. It’s an ongoing battle, we know. We’re there with you through the whole process.

We’ll cover your vet bills following injuries, accidents, and illnesses, including diagnostics, procedures, and treatments.

That means…

  • lab-work

    Lab Work

    In action: Your pet can’t tell you what’s wrong, but blood tests, chemistry, urinalysis, and stool samples can.

  • exam-fees

    Complete sick visits & Exam fees

    In action: Consultations, follow-ups and virtual visits are covered too.

  • imaging-scans

    Imaging Scans

    Does your vet need a second (technologic) opinion? X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds are covered.

  • сancer-treatments

    Cancer treatments

    In action: Considering that 1 in 4 dogs will develop a tumor and 50% of dogs over age 10 will develop cancer, we take care of the one “C” word you want to hear-covered!

  • emergency-treatments

    Emergency care

    In action: Don’t waste your minutes on us when an emergency arises. Go directly to the emergency hospital. We’ll cover the costs.

  • prescription-meds

    Prescription meds

    In action: With every trip to the vet comes follow-up care. From antibiotics for short-term issues to insulin for chronic conditions like diabetes, we’ve got you covered.

  • surgery


    In action: Removing a tumor or fixing a broken leg mean big bills. Illness-related or unexpected surgeries due to an emergency are covered.

  • specialist-medicine

    Specialist visits. No referral needed

    In action: Ophthalmologist for cataracts, a dermatologist for acute allergies, or an oncologist for brain cancer. Whatever you need when things get complicated.

  • hospitalization-red


    In action: Overnight visits at the vet can get pricey quickly. We’ll help cover the costs of fluids, medications, and additional testing.

That also means…

Included in your coverage. No extra charge.

  • behavioral-therapy

    Behavioral therapy. Even online

    In action: In-person or online therapy with certified veterinary behaviorists for a pup that suffers from separation anxiety, excessive barking, or is simply obsessed with socks.

  • prescription-food

    Prescription food & Dietary supplements

    In action: Allergies or digestive disorders that require a special diet? A special blend of pet food will do the trick.

  • alternative-therapy

    Alternative care

    In action: Acupuncture to reduce pain, chiropractic for joint problems, or hydrotherapy to improve function after surgery-sometimes traditional treatments are just not enough.

  • сomprehensive-dental-care

    Orthodontic care

    In action: Crown modifications, tooth eruptions… Any orthodontic treatment due to a covered injury or illness.

  • tele-vet-services

    Tele vet services. As many as you need

    In action: A remote diagnosis, monitoring of diabetes, or after-hour care. By phone, email, or video. Whatever works best for you and your vet.


And if you’re looking for more extensive dental coverage,
say hello to our comprehensive dental care add-on!

Root canals, crowns, extractions, orthodontic, endodontic, periodontal.
Whatever is deemed medically necessary by your vet.

Let’s talk about
pre-existing conditions

It doesn’t take a miracle to cure conditions like ear, urinary tract, or respiratory infections.

It does take a miracle to have them covered by insurance even though they’re considered pre-existing conditions.

Confused? Let us explain


What are pre-existing conditions?

Any health condition developed
before your insurance kicks in.

  • card

    What are incurable pre-existing conditions?

    These conditions aren't likely to go away or improve over your pet’s lifetime and therefore, won’t be covered. Hip dysplasia, cancer, diabetes, or heart disease are good examples.

  • card

    And curable pre-existing conditions?

    These are conditions your pet had before, like ear or urinary tract infections, but showed no symptoms for 12 months. These conditions are covered by Animalia.

    We’ll also cover chronic diseases (like cancer or diabetes) with symptoms first shown after your waiting period is over.

The moral of the story?

Get your pet insured while they are young and healthy so that
the good, the bad,
and the ugly are all covered.

With that kind of coverage, no wonder half the correspondence we receive is asking when we’re going
to cover humans.

Just kidding… or are we?

What’s Not Covered?

  • precondition

    Incurable pre-existing conditions

    We don't cover pre-existing illnesses.

    So, sign up before problems pile up.

  • cosmetics

    Cosmetic procedures

    Tail docking or wrinkle removal? Nope-we cover only what's medically essential.

  • ongoing

    Routine and preventive care

    Routine checkups, vaccinations, parasite prevention and grooming are not part of our coverage.

  • castration

    Spaying and neutering

    Unexpected conditions are where we shine. These procedures? They’re on you.

* Subject to terms and conditions
of the policy

Residents of ME, WA, LA, MS, NB, DE & NH,
please note the following disclosure of policy provisions.


Did You Know?

We don’t believe in letting you cool off for too long.
That’s why we offer only a 5 day waiting period. Period.
For illnesses too. The shortest in the market.

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