Dog Insurance. Why?

Over the past decade, veterinary medicine has seen many changes in diagnosis, treatment and care. MRI, Ultrasound scans and Laparoscopy, which were used solely on human beings, are now the norm for treating dogs.

These advancements, however, come with a cost.


“To pay or not to pay” -
that shouldn’t be the question.

Don’t make your conscience work over time.

Financial constraints can break hearts.
It doesn't have to be that way.

Unexpected Is… Expected

Dogs are just like us,
vulnerable to the unexpected.
But unlike us, they swallow socks, chew on glass and turn old within a decade.

It might be a relatively mild case

like a bee sting, tick bite, or torn ligament

Or a life- saving medical procedure

like a joint replacement, removing a malignant tumor, or even heart failure.

Before the unexpected happens, be smart.
Make sure cost doesn’t play a part.


Imagine a world free from cost-based decisions
where dogs get the best treatment for medical conditions,
financial dilemmas are put aside and dog owners enjoy peace of mind.

There is a simple way to keep costs away.
One plan, comprehensive and easy to understand.
Trusted by vets, pet parents and… many many furry friends.

We offer freedom from cost-based decisions
A friendly insurance plan that eliminates financial dilemmas around your dog’s health,
whether it’s an MRI scan, a complex surgery or an expensive treatment
for an unexpected illness.

Choose to Be Free. Today.

Animalia insurance is no nonsense – you get what you’re entitled to with love. Thank you!

Your dog's health might be unpredictable.
Your dog's insurance shouldn't be.

We mean what we say:
No hidden fees, no surprises.

Focus on healing,
not billing

Pets are hard to diagnose
Pediatricians and Vets are quite the same:
Their patients can’t talk. What a shame.

That’s when the endless guessing game is set.
But babies have health insurance - what about pets?

Care-based, not cost-based
With Animalia, Vets can run every test needed to reach the precise diagnosis and treatment.

We Trust the Vet You Trust

Animalia supports any Vet you choose

We’ll back any licensed Vet, Specialist, and Hospital you choose. Coast to Coast.

“Doc, do whatever it takes. I have Animalia”

From diagnosis through rehabilitation .

We work with them all

Our top considerations are medical, not rates.


Dogs Play, We Pay.
It’s That Simple.

Adjustable rates to suit your budget

Choose your annual deductible and reimbursement rate.

Submitting a claim was never this easy

Submitting online via our website, chatbot or an email.
We're also just a quick phone call away.

Animalia pays. Fast.

95% of claims are reimbursed in less than a week ⁵.

The Waiting Game is Over

Only a 5-day waiting period. For illnesses too.


Here’s How It Works

Pets play, we pay.
It’s that simple.

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    Visit Any Vet You Like

    Including any Specialist or Animal Hospital.

  • how-it-works-2

    Submit Your Claim Online

    Just send the receipt and you’re done.
    Via our website, an email or even
    use a carrier pigeon☺

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    Get Paid Back. Fast.

    No hidden fees, no surprises.