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Our Claim Process is Simple:

We work. You Don’t.

The last thing you need when your pet is under the weather is having to handle a mountain of paperwork which could take forever. Luckily for you, we’ll always be here to assist and take away the red tape at least.

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    Of claims submitted are reimbursed in less than a week

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    The average time it takes to submit a claim

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    A claim is being paid
    out by Animalia

Here’s All You Need To Do

  • How can I help?

  • I want to submit a claim.

  • Ok. First, tell me what happened.

  • Last night, Daisey swallowed a chocolate bar. We rushed to the Vet and he had her stomach pumped.

  • Oh, I hope she’s feeling better now. Just send the receipts and we’ll start processing your claim.

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Now, let us work our magic:


    Our team will start processing your claim. They will even get in touch with your vet and ask for your pet's medical records, in case you don't have them.


    While we work,

    you can track our progress.


    We'll update you when the money hits your account.


And… The Money is Already in Your Account*!

It’s as simple as that!
(* Minus the deductible you’ve chosen)

Let’s Talk Numbers

Over the years, Animalia provided reimbursement
for thousands of varied medical expenses.

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