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11 Ways to Show Your Cat You Love Them

TLC now means “Tenderly Loving Cats” – because even our feline friends deserve some love. Yes, even when they claw us when we get anywhere near them. Just because showing love to cats – as opposed to dogs – isn’t as straightforward, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. This is the ultimate guide on showing your kitty you care.


Cats may be notoriously independent creatures, but they still enjoy affection as much as any other pet. But how do you actually exhibit that affection? Does it differ from the way you’d show love to, say, a dog?

Well, it turns out that you can give kitties some TLC in several different ways. These include the way that you take care of their food, their space, and how you play with them. Here are 11 ways to make sure they’re feeling the love.

1. Games

Even though they may act like a stuffed animal sometimes, your cat is actually a natural hunter. They love to play, follow, and stalk. Much like dogs, cats are the most captivated when they’re also mentally stimulated. Switch up which toys you use, so you can always keep them on their toes (or paws, as the case may be).

2. Winking

When cats trust you, they’ll feel comfortable enough to get sleepy and rest in your presence. Next time your cat gives you a head nod and some slow blinks, do it back. Then they’ll know that you feel the same way about them.

3. Petting & grooming

Even though cats clean themselves, they can always use a little help getting those hard to reach places. Spend some extra time collecting excess hair, petting them under the chin and scratching behind the ears. They’ll let you know how much they’re loving it by the level of purr.

4. Boxes

Next time you get the mail, don’t throw away the packaging right away! There’s no greater kitty gift than a used cardboard box. They love the smells from outside and the challenge of getting in and out. They’ll spend hours exploring it on the ground or trying to climb up to it if you set it up high with a view.

5. Indoor stimulation

Cats are very clever, which also means they tend to get bored pretty easily. This is usually why those funny videos happen of them knocking jars over in the kitchen or the family heirlooms on the mantel. Well, funny as long as they happen to other people, at any rate. Anyway, make sure to have some combination of cat trees, scratching posts, toys and games to enrich their experience indoors and keep them engaged in their world.

6. Catnip 

It’s in the name! Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is an herb that’s part of the mint family, and what makes felines go crazy for it is the smell. But not all cats react the same way to this herb. If catnip doesn’t work, you can try silver vine, honeysuckle or valeria – all herbs that give cats a feeling of momentary euphoria.

7. Treats

Everyone loves a treat, and cats especially love them when they’re full of protein. Fish-based treats and chicken tend to be the best for them. There are all kinds on the market that are good for different things, but definitely avoid anything with additives. They’re carnivores, they’re not into carnival colors.

8. Space

Because of their independent nature, sometimes the best thing you can do is give your cat some space – space from adults, kids, and other pets too. They will spend a ton of time getting territorial around other cats and dogs, so sometimes it’s nice to just give them their own room to have a rest.

9. Vet visits

The actual exam may not be so much fun, but caring for your cat isn’t always just cuddles and treats. Making sure their teeth, skin, eyes, ears, and digestion are all in working order is just as important. 

10. Fresh water

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to change your cat’s water. But doing this every day makes a big difference. They’re very sensitive to smells and they know even better than we do when their water is old. On top of that, they’ll be way less likely to develop any sort of disease with new daily water.

11. Safety

There’s no better way to show your cat that you care about them than keeping them safe. Chipping them will make sure that they can be returned home easily. Also, getting cat insurance can also help you take care of any unexpected accidents or vet visits they may need.

Is there a more awesome duty than showing your kitten how much you love them? Probably not. But love isn’t just about scratches and treats – it’s also about caring for your cat’s health all the time, even when they’re not sick. When Animalia Pet Insurance’s coverage has your back, you and your cat can have peace of mind purr-ever.


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