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Can My Dog Eat That?

Dogs and humans metabolize foods differently.
Some human foods are safe and even healthy for dogs, while others may be toxic and potentially deadly.


Written by Animalia Team


If you’re a dog owner, chances are you’ve experienced that moment of panic as you catch your dog chomping down on some human food when your head is turned. You grab your phone and frantically google “Can dogs eat…” with one hand, while trying to remove the offending snack with the other. Or that moment at dinner time when your dog appears and starts giving you the most heart-melting look you’ve ever seen. Now he’s starting to whine and whimper. Do you give in?

Dogs can be quite opportunists when it comes to getting their paws on tasty treats, but human foods can be your dog’s best friend-or his worst enemy.

Whether it’s as a special treat, to add some extra nutrients to their diet, or simply for knowing when not to panic if your dog has managed to get their paws on some human food, take a look at our list of foods your dog can eat, and foods they definitely shouldn’t!

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Pet poisonings are a real threat. In fact, more than 232,000 pet poisonings happen in the United States every year. Although not all of these are food-related (and many are household items), common household foods are a major contributor.

When it comes to the foods that your dog can’t eat, there’s a wide range to be aware of. The most poisonous food for dogs can be fatal in only a short space of time. Other foodstuffs, though, only become a problem when eaten in higher quantities. Then, there are also some foods that might be fine for some dogs to eat, but might cause an upset stomach for others.

One thing that often makes ‘human food’ tricky for dogs, is the fact that our meals tend to include a wide range of ingredients. It might be that the most visible ingredients in your chicken recipe for dinner, for example, could be fine for your dog to eat. But if that same chicken contains garlic and onion, then it’s a completely different story.

If your dog eats something unsafe, they will need immediate (and possibly expensive) veterinary care. Know that Animalia has your back, and take a look at coverage options for your pal.


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