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Why Is My Dog Acting Weird?

Sniffing tidy-whities, swallowing spoons, licking cactuses, eating grass, and peeing on plants…there are countless weird things our dogs do. Here are some of the reasons behind it.

Dog acting weird

Sniffing tighty- whities, swallowing spoons, licking cactuses, eating grass, and peeing on plants…there are countless weird things our dogs do. Whether your dog acting weird is a cause for alarm or just a sign of a dog being a dog, you should know best since you know your dog’s personality more than anyone else. Anyway, here are some of the main reasons behind it. 

Main causes for your dog’s strange behavior

Injuries or diseases 

If your dog has been yelping, crying, and squealing more than usual, it is a clear sign of pain and discomfort. If your dog is also being lazier than usual, it could signify a fracture or illness. It’s usually best to take them to a vet after their first cry for attention.

Melancholy and stress 

Your dog could be acting weird as a result of stress. Humans do crazy things when they’re stressed, and our dogs are not different. If something traumatic has happened in the household, like a new pet or baby has been added or sadly, a member of the family or another pet died, it can have a significant impact on your puppy’s well-being and behavior. 

Moving to a new house 

Your dog may be upset about a change of environment. Dogs are very loyal and habitual creatures, so changing homes is a big deal for them. They can act weird because they distrust the environment but it should pass once the dog will get accustomed. To help them with the transition, introduce them calmly to the new environment. 

A sudden change in your dog’s life like an addition of a new baby, moving to a new home or the death of a pet friend, might lead to strange canine behavior

Fear and nervousness 

Your dog could show specific signs of stress during holidays. If it’s the Fourth of July, make sure to ease up on the fireworks, as firecrackers and such are known to cause tremendous stress for your dog. Make sure to put your dog in an isolated room where they can come back to their usual calm self. 

Dog licking his lips


Your dog could be acting strange because they’re simply bored. If you don’t exercise your dog during the day, don’t be surprised they’ll be chewing the carpet at night. Your dog is like a little kid, constantly hyper and ready to go, so it’s best to tire them out during the day so they won’t get bored and start acting weird at night. 

Changes in Diet 

If you have recently changed your dog’s diet, and they’ve been acting all weird since then, it could be a sign of dissatisfaction. Your dog could be silently protesting your new choice of sustenance and might be trying to tell you that they need something else. 

External Trauma 

Your dog could be showing signs of discomfort if someone had mistreated it. If they start acting weirdly abruptly, there might be someone in the house who has done something to either scare or hurt them.  

External Noises

One more reason for your dog’s strange behavior is external noises. They might even start yodeling when they hear a loud siren. Dogs react weirdly to noises they don’t recognize, and it’s their sweet way of protecting the family. 

Dogs react weirdly to sudden and unfamiliar noises they don’t recognize like a fire truck siren or thunderstorms.

Separation Anxiety 

Separation anxiety might lead to owners walking into a trashed house at the end of the day, all thanks to their anxious dog who just couldn’t behave themselves in their absence. And yes, it could be quite serious damage. 

What do I do if my dog begins to act strange?

  • Take them to the vet – they’ll know best whether your dog is injured or sick and determine the cause for the behavior (Woooof!! did anyone say dog insurance?!).  
  • Talk to a dog behaviorist – If you don’t want to hire a specialist, you can watch YouTube tutorials of well-known dog experts 
  • Don’t encourage weird behavior – ask your dog to stop the activity with a demanding, yet non-aggressive tone.
  • Ensure your pet is getting the right nutrition he needs. 

Dogs will always be dogs and “weird” is an integral part of their vocabulary. Whether they chew, sniff, lick, or bite the most unconventional objects (their private areas for example), Just make sure it does not pose a threat to their health or wellbeing.


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