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Welcome to the Complete Poop Guide:  Deciphering Your Dog’s Doo-Doo!

Let’s dive into the world of “number 2” – yes, we’re talking about poop! We get it, it’s not the most glamorous topic, but hey, “shit happens”, right? Before you reach for that poop bag when it does, let’s take a moment to appreciate the valuable insights your dog’s poop can provide about their health. Get ready for some stinky talk – consider yourself warned!


Written by Elinor S.

Reviewed by Dr. Dotan M.



Our guide has been authored by qualified veterinarians; however, it should not be construed as medical advice or a replacement for professional veterinary consultation.

What does the perfect poop look like?
Believe it or not, there is such a thing!

Have you heard of the S + 3 Cs? No, it isn’t some new molecular formula—
it’s a nifty mnemonic device to help you remember.

go-for-it go-for-it go-for-it

Yellow, red, or green— when your dog’s poop takes on unexpected hues

go-for-it go-for-it go-for-it

Hard, soft, or watery— when it comes to your dog’s poop,  let’s just say there’s a lot to consider!

go-for-it go-for-it go-for-it

Smeared lump, pellets, or “soup”— when your dog’s poop takes on a different shape

go-for-it go-for-it go-for-it

Hairs, worms, and even sand:  When your dog’s poop is full of things
that shouldn’t be there

go-for-it go-for-it go-for-it

When to contact a health professional If your furry friend is making frequent trips to the potty or if those trips come with some concerning extras – like blood in the stool, lack of appetite, throwing up, or acting weak – it’s time for a vet visit. Remember, when in doubt, it’s off to the vet’s office just in case.

Alrighty, time to discuss poop stats!

Yep, just like us humans, our furry pals have their own bathroom routines, and boy, do they leave their mark! For grown-up doggos, it’s typically a tidy 1-3 times a day, usually with morning and evening outputs. As for puppies, they might set a new record with up to 5 poops a day!
If your canine companion is turning your backyard into poop central, it could mean a few things. Maybe they’re just eating too much, or maybe they need fancier food. But don’t bark up the wrong tree! Frequent pooping could also hint at some health hiccups, like absorption or intestinal issues.

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Here’s a tip for you: If you’re treating your dog like your furry child, embrace the whole package and pick up after them! It’s not just a courtesy to passersby; it’s also a favor to other furry friends in the area. By cleaning up after your pup, you’re helping reduce the spread of nasty bugs like distemper or Parvo worms, ensuring everyone can enjoy their walkies without worry.

Poop-based diets and other less-than-charming habits

Brace yourself, because in the contest of repulsive behaviors, there’s some stiff competition. But if we had to crown a champion of grossness, it would undoubtedly be the habit of dogs doing disgusting things with their own poop. Ew!

go-for-it go-for-it go-for-it
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