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10 Myths About Pet Insurance Debunked

Many pet owners are indecisive about getting pet insurance because of some misconceptions about it.


Written by Animalia Team

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As a pet owner, you always want the best for your pet and having a good pet insurance plan is really important. If your pet has special treatment needs or a breed-specific illness, pet insurance is crucial. But deciding on which pet insurance plan is right for your pet can be somewhat tricky. 

Many pet owners are indecisive about getting pet insurance because of some misconceptions about it. Of course, your pet’s health is important, and you want the best insurance plan that will cover everything your pet might need. So, with this being said, here are 10 myths about pet insurance debunked.

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  1. Pet insurance is really expensive.

Yes, adding a pet insurance monthly fee to your household budget will cost extra.  But are you sure you’re ready for the unexpected vet bills which could add up quite quickly if your pet gets involved in some kind of an accident or develops an unexpected chronic disease?

  1. Pets with pre-existing conditions can’t be insured

This is a common misconception. The truth is that some pet insurers do offer coverage for pre-existing conditions but will require your pet to be free from symptoms and treatments for a specific time frame between 12-18 months (depending on the insurer) . You should also bear in mind that even if your pet suffers from a chronic condition which insurers consider as pre-existing, it can’t prevent you from enrolling your pet and getting reimbursed for any future conditions.

  1. It’s complicated to make a claim.

Actually, it’s not at all. It all depends on your pet insurance provider, pretty much. After you make a claim, it’s their job to process it and pay for it. Furthermore, most insurers will do the work for you by referring on your behalf to your vet or emergency clinic and getting all the necessary documents.  

  1. You can’t choose the vet or clinic you like 

Wrong again. Pet insurance doesn’t work like health care insurance for humans. You aren’t obligated to take your pet to a certain veterinarian in case of an emergency. You can take your pet to any licensed vet, hospital or clinic you like and get reimbursed for your bills.  

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  1. It’s just not worth it for my young and healthy pup 

You might think pet insurance isn’t worth it if you have a young and healthy puppy. But the truth is by the age of two, your puppy is like a middle-aged human and you know what that means as far as their health. In addition, puppies are more prone to accidents due to their active character and natural curiosity. So, the sooner the better.  

  1.  It doesn’t cover all of your pet’s needs.

Another untrue statement. Every pet has its own different needs or conditions but there are also many pet insurance plans you can choose from, each with its own coverage. There are basic accidents and illnesses only plans, there are add-ons like preventive care or wellness plans and there are some comprehensive plans which cover almost all possible conditions. You can choose the one which best suits you and your pet’s needs.   

  1. All pet insurance companies are the same.

Not at all. Different plans have different coverages and it’s important to look around and search for the best pet insurance plan that offers the coverage your pet needs. 

  1. Reimbursement could take up forever

The reimbursement model of pet insurers does require you to first pay the vet bills and only then get reimbursed. It could be quite tough to handle. That’s why most insurers today offer a quick claim process with a fast reimbursement. Actually, you might even get reimbursed before your card was charged.    

  1. Pet insurance is only for dogs

Wrong! Pet insurance is for all kinds of pets, mainly house and farm pets like cats, dogs, rabbits and horses. Some pet insurers even offer coverage plans for more exotic animals.  

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  1. It’s not enough to cover all the costs.

Again, there are many different types of pet insurance plans. It will cover the costs depending on which plan you have chosen. For instance, you are able to choose a plan that only covers accidents.

If your pet has an accident and breaks a leg, the insurance will cover the expenses. You can choose a plan with an illness policy, which includes many diseases, mild as well as serious. Or you can just go with the comprehensive coverage which offers protection from almost anything that might happen to your pet.  

There are a lot of assumptions about pet insurance, most of which are untrue. However, the bottom line is that pet insurance can be really helpful in certain situations, and it’s important for your pet’s health care. After all, your fur baby deserves the best! 

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