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Why You Should Buy Insurance for Your Young Healthy Pet

Here are some very good reasons why purchasing insurance when your pet is young and healthy will save you money and get your pet the best possible care.


Written by Animalia Team

Girl play with puppy

A wise Chinese man once said: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” But we’re talking dogs here. Not trees. So why insure them now, you’re asking? 

Well, here are some very good reasons why purchasing pet insurance when your pet is young and healthy will save you money and get your pet the best possible care.

As your puppy grows up, pre-existing conditions pile up 

1 in 3 puppies will visit a Vet this year due to an emergency.

Just like you can’t get covered for a wrecked car after it’s already been in an accident, you can’t buy pet insurance for an illness your pet already has. Early enrollment will get you covered for new conditions which might develop down the road. That is what pet insurance companies call “pre-existing conditions”. 

The younger your pet is when insured, the less chance there is of an illness or disease occurring during those first few weeks or months of enrollment, therein ensuring that anything that comes up later is covered under your policy.  

Puppy exploring

A furry ball of non-stop energy

Puppies will be puppies. A puppy or kitten’s curiosity to explore the new world around them can sometimes lead them to do crazy things with costly consequences. Exploring new places, getting intro spats at the dog park, eating things they shouldn’t…All that jumping, running, chewing and sniffing can lead to potentially serious accidents, fractures, bite wounds and many other common and costly conditions.  

In fact, puppies are more prone to accidents and injuries than adult dogs and have more fragile immune systems, which can make them more susceptible to picking up certain illnesses and diseases. This endless amount of energy can bring on unexpected troubles as well as unexpected bills. 

Dog years are a myth 

So yes, you’re probably thinking- “My pup is only 2-years old. He’s too young for a pet insurance plan to provide substantial value”.  When your pet is seemingly young and in good health, buying an insurance plan might seem like an unnecessary cost.

Well, think again as puppies are middle-aged by the time they are two. Researches show that at this age, they’re like a human in their early 40s, rather than the 14-year-old, which the traditional formula would suggest. That means by the time your puppy hits three, he’ll be closer in age to a 50-year-old human. Unexpected Vet costs can happen sooner than you think. That’s why the best time to buy pet insurance is the day you bring home your new family member. In fact, most owners purchase pet health insurance within six months of adopting a new dog or cat. The sooner the better. 

Puppy receiving injection from the vet

Why shouldn’t you and your pet enjoy a whole life of peace of mind

From birth through adulthood, we hope that our pets live a long and healthy life. So why enroll at a later stage in your pup’s life when you can enroll early and enjoy the best treatments veterinary medicine has to offer?   


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